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Never ordinary, always EPIC!

EPIC Everyday Founders

Our Story

The birth of EPIC EVERYDAY occurred during a discussion regarding the importance of inclusion between two moms, and HBCU grad sisters, from the Midwest. Cara and Jenae wanted their children to thrive full of confidence and self-expression by celebrating diversity. Upon recognizing the extreme lack of diversity, they made a conscientious decision to design a positive self- reflection collection to inspire the next generation. Whimsical designs were launched with love for all mocha skin shades, hair styles and textures. A bright and bold lifestyle brand was created that includes school, home, travel, health and beauty products for everyday visibility. EPIC EVERYDAY will inspire kids to be empowered, positive, innovative and creative!



Cultivate collaborative partnerships with organizations that promote self-esteem, self-empowerment, and self-worth via educational and health related initiatives targeting minority children.


To elevate underrepresented images to reflect and represent diversity among mocha-hued children and people that inspire them.


EPIC Everyday offers inspirational products that reflect positive self-image. We design quality products for mocha-hued infants, toddlers, and school age boys and girls. The brand is designed to spread joy and pride through products that celebrate underrepresented diverse children.


Offer images of vibrantly hued children on everyday items that remind them to love their skin color, embrace their hair, and own their unique style!