never ordinary, always epic!

Our Story

We are Cara & Jenae, the Co-founders of EPIC EVERYDAY, Inc. We are sisters, wives, moms, and HBCU grads, from the Midwest. The birth of EPIC EVERYDAY occurred during a discussion regarding the importance of inclusion between us. We were fed up with seeing the same princess and a handful of melanated images. Not to mention our brown boys were even more limited in positive images in daily life. We were disheartened that we couldn't find apparel, accessories, and home goods that highlighted black brilliance. We were extremely disappointed by the lack of relatable mocha-hued images in stores and online. The lack of true inclusion is the reason we intentionally wanted to change the narrative. Upon recognizing the extreme lack of diversity, we made a conscientious decision to design a positive self- reflection collection to inspire the next generation. It inspired us to turn under-represented into elevating the visibility of brown boys and girls. They need to feel confident, powerful, and "proud to be ME!"  

 We are family-owned with the sole purpose of intentionally elevating self-love where all tones and textures matter! We want our children to thrive full of confidence by celebrating diversity. We are adamant about focusing on diversity from within. There is no other culture with gravity-defying hair and sun absorbing skin, we celebrate inclusion with our vast array of characters. Our Happy Hues collection highlights diverse relatable characters with a variety of skin shades, hair textures, and style familiar in our culture. You can find bright and bold designs created with love for all mocha skin tones and textures. A kids lifestyle brand that adds mocha-hued visibility at school, home, travel every day. EPIC EVERYDAY inspires children to be Empowered, Positive, Innovative, and Creative! 


Cultivate partnerships that elevate the visibility of diverse skin tones and hair textures rooted in Black culture.​


Amplify positive images that reflect & represent diverse mocha-hued children and people that inspire them.


Offer images of vibrantly hued children on everyday items that empower them to love their skin color, embrace their hair, and own their unique style!


Provide inspirational products that reflect positive self-image & self-love. We design quality products for mocha-hued infants, toddlers, and school-age boys and girls. EPIC EVERYDAY spreads joy and pride through products that celebrate under-represented diverse children.

Mocha-hued Movement

Manifest positive self-reflection to combat colorism and hair discrimination all over the world.